How to Make Raw White Sausage

How to Make Raw White Sausage

Raw white sausage is a simple and inexpensive way to add a delicious savory element to your meal. You can make it using any meat you choose, and it’s very easy to customize the recipe and flavorings.

Biala Kielbasa (BEEYAH-wah keeyehw-BAH-sah): These are traditionally made with pork or a combination of pork and beef, and are usually fried, baked or smoked. This recipe is a traditional family favorite that can be easily adjusted to suit your own personal preferences.

Kaszanka, or Kiszka (Polish Blood Sausage): This blood sausage is traditionally stuffed with pork offal such as liver, lungs, and skin, as well as buckwheat. It gets generously seasoned with pepper, garlic, savory, and marjoram before it’s packed into a pig intestine casing.

This is a great sausage to serve at holiday meals because of its festive flavors and it’s also very versatile – it can be grilled, boiled or smoked. You can even pan fry it and slice it into chunks to serve on top of pasta dishes.

The process of making raw white sausage is not that difficult, and you can make it for your own family and friends! All you need is a good grinder, some sausage casings, and a couple of spices to create delicious sausage.

Start by grinding the meat, preferably at home in your hand-cranked grinder. It’s best if you use meat from a roast or shoulder, as this will yield the most meat per sausage. This will give you a very juicy, tender sausage.

Next, mix the mixture with a little bit of salt and some liquid to help it bind together. This helps prevent it from becoming a mass of meat, like hamburger, which would be impossible to stuff into sausage casings.

Fill the casings with the mixture, twisting them after each link to form a long sausage. Don’t overfill them, or they might burst in the cooking water.

You can find natural hog casings at most supermarkets and specialty sausage makers. Dry-packed casings will keep for a while, so you should store them in a salty place to preserve them until you’re ready to make sausage.

Stuffing the meat into the casings is a fun process, but you should be patient and take it slow. Don’t rush it, and be sure to stop when the sausage is full enough to comfortably tie off the end of the tube, otherwise you might rip or tear the casings and ruin your beautiful creation.

After you’ve filled the casings, you can boil them to cook the sausage. Then you can either pan fry them, grill them, or smoke them to get a nice, dark color and a smoky flavor.

If you want to spice up your dish, try adding some fresh rosemary, chopped onions and a touch of garlic to the meat. These are classic Polish accompaniments that go well with just about any dish, including soups and stews.

Another popular option for preparing raw white sausage is to boil them, then serve them on top of a plate with onions and other vegetables. You can also add them to a rich tomato-scented broth and let them simmer until they soften. This will result in a very flavorful, rich, and incredibly filling dish that’s perfect for any occasion.

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