How to Create Sub Bookmarks in PDF

How to Create Sub Bookmarks in PDF

Whether you’re working on a case, preparing an oral presentation, or simply looking for a more precise location in a long document, bookmarks are a powerful tool. They allow you to quickly and easily navigate to a specific page or piece of text in PDFs, or to another document or web page.

Creating sub bookmarks in pdf is easy using a dedicated PDF tool, like SwifDoo PDF. It allows you to create new bookmarks manually or automatically, and it can also be used to nest bookmarks within each other, creating a logical hierarchy of bookmarks for your PDF.

If you’re creating a multi-page PDF that contains multiple documents, you may need to create sub bookmarks in order to keep the document organized. This can be especially useful when there are subsidiary documents that have to be linked to the principal document, as is often the case in court filings and other legal documents.

When a PDF is converted from Microsoft Word, heading styles in the converted document can be marked up for bookmarks (using Adobe Acrobat Pro). This markup helps users to locate particular sections in the PDF when looking for something in the text, as well as when viewing the table of contents.

The tagged table-of-contents entries in the converted document will appear as links to their corresponding pages, which can help you organize your content and make editing the document easier. If the converted document includes a glossary and index, these sections should also be marked up for bookmarks to be recognized in the navigation pane of the PDF.

This can be done manually by using the manual method in SwifDoo PDF or automatically by extracting a table of contents, which is the method we’ll use in this tutorial.

To manually add a bookmark, navigate to the first page of the document that you want to bookmark. Right-click on that page, and then select “add bookmark.” A new bookmark will be created for that page. Then, you can either rename the bookmark or add more bookmarks.

You can also add a new bookmark by selecting a page thumbnail in the PDF and clicking Edit > Links > Bookmark, or clicking the new bookmark icon at the top of the Bookmarks panel. This method is particularly useful for adding a bookmark to an image, because it lets you create a nested bookmark that links to the thumbnail page and to the text of that page.

Once you have added a bookmark, you can move it to another position in the bookmarked tree by clicking on it or dragging it into a different location. You can even create a nested bookmark by dragging another bookmark directly under another in the tree.

Creating sub bookmarks in a PDF can save you and your readers time when reading documents that have multiple subsidiary documents. Typically, this would occur in a trial court docket or other legal document that requires the creation of a detailed table of contents for each subsidiary document.

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